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About me

Hi There! I'm Michelle Sturza and I'm a wedding photographer! My passion is capturing love because that's where it all begins. I'm based out of Georgia, but I love to travel and have covered weddings all over the country.


I'm a mom to two sweet boys and I am thrilled to celebrate 10 years of marraige with my husband this August! I'm blessed to be able to be a part of this very special time in each couple's life and I love what I do!


I believe in family, in playing in the rain, in laughing until your stomach hurts, in hot chocolate on a cold winter day and most of all in God's love which teaches me how to love.


Anna & Drew (392)
Hannah and Michael (940)
Tarin & Noah (190)
Hilary & Andy (353)
Sara & Cody (1011)
Hannah and Michael (741)
Tarin and Noah (927)
Brittany and Justin (46)
m (105)
Cindy and Matt (737)
Rebecca & Paulo (428)
Meghan and Chris (808)
Brittany and Justin (860)
Hannah and Michael (10)
Anna and Devin (754)
Anna & Drew (175)
Hannah and Michael (815)
Diane and Dalton (117)
Caitlin and Alex (1253)
Sarah and Bryan (184)
Brittany and Justin (926)
Meghan and Chris (829)
Rebecca & Paulo (408)
Rebecca and Martin (144)
Hannah and Michael (183)
Anna & Drew (16)
Elizabeth & Greg (259)
Rebecca & Paulo (394)
Megan and Charles (306)
Caitlin and Alex (900)
Tarin and Noah (1036)
Rachel and Jay (311)
Hannah and Michael (937)
Anna and Drew (155)
Brittany and Justin (12)
Tarin & Noah (223)
Brittany and Justin (753)
Meghan & Chris (185)
Caitlin and Alex (843)
Brittany & Cy (219)
Hannah and Michael (774)
Brittany and Justin (356)
Anna & Drew (10)
Hannah and Michael (938)
Rebecca & Paulo (134)
Hannah and Michael (150)
Stephanie and Tony (207)
Tarin and Noah (1046)
C&J (445)
Lauren & Matt (102)
Hilary & Andy (263)
Brittany and Cy (56)
Anh and Tri (135)
Aubrey and Caleb (258)
Brittany & Cy (900)

"Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite"

Let's talk

For price and package information please contact me via e-mail or the contact form. ​

Please include the date, location of the event and what you are looking for. I love hearing all the details!


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